Re: Sending a private message using Thunderbird

Gerald Levy

Troy, there is an easier way to send a private message to a sender that does not involve all that editting.  First, open the message whose sender you want to reply to privately.  Be sure that you are at the top of the message and then shift tab until you are on the "to" field.  Launch the context menu with the context menu key or Shift-F10.  Arrow down to copy email address and press enter.  Next, press Control-N too open a new message.  Alt-tab to the "to" field and press Control-V to pate in the email address of the sender.  No additional editting of the sender's email address is required.


On 6/16/2021 7:10 AM, Troy Burnham wrote:


When you say "open the context menu" is that just hitting the context menu key?

Thanks, I've often wondered how to send a private message to someone, or even how to just find an address in thunderbird when it's not shown so this will come in handy I think.


On 6/15/2021 7:18 PM, Gene wrote:
Here is an important correction.  The method I described won’t work on many lists.  It needs to be modified.  The method I described before may work on some lists, but not on lists.  That is for technical reasons the list serve uses to ensure reliable delivery of mail to people using certain providers.
Here is the way that will work.
New steps start on new lines.
Open the message.
Shift tab once.
Tab once.
You are now on the from line.
Open the context menu. 
Down arrow to the item that says something like compose message to and press enter.
A new message will be created and you will be on the subject line.
Shiftt tab to the to line and left arrow once.  Then press enter.
You can now edit the address.
Press home.
Right arrow until you get to the less than sign. 
Hold shift and press home again.  Then press delete.
Right arrow to the equals sign.  Then right arrow one more time.
Backspace once to remove the equals sign. 
Type the at sign.
Then right arrow to the end of the proper e-mail address.  In my case, it would be
There is more after the correct proper address.  Delete it. 
If you right arrow once beyond the end of the proper e-mail address, you will be on another at sign. 
Use shift end then press delete.
You now have the correct address with nothing extraneous.
This may sound a bit complex and cumbersome but if you try it a few times, you will see that it isn’t bad even though it’s a little cumbersome.
If you are practicing, to remove the practice message, use alt f4 then tab once and press the space bar. 
From: Gene
Sent: Tuesday, June 15, 2021 6:48 PM
Subject: Sending a private message using Thunderbird
Since the topic of how to send private messages to list members has come up, I did a little experimentation and I found what may well be the easiest way if you are using Thunderbird.  Do the following:
Open the message from the person you want to reply to.
Shift tab once.  You will either be on a link or you will hear nothing.
Either way, tab once.
You are on the from line.
Open the context menu.
You will see many items.
Press enter on the item that says something like send message to.
This will open a new message with the person’s address in the to line and you will be on the subject line.

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