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John Holcomb II

However, she should be sure not to get one with an eMMC drive.

Some but not all laptops let  you upgrade the storage and ram options later.

I’m going to assume you’d rather not open it up at any point

Do you want  us to suggest some actual laptops for you?

A great k keyboard typing experience is a m must I’d presume.



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Hi Kathy,


A solid state drive has no moving parts. So, unlike the standard hard drives,

---there are no moving parts.

---they do not overheat.

---they use less energy and last longer.


These days, they are quite affordable.

Also,  most new laptops now come with a solid state  drive by default.

…and they are faster than  the  traditional mechanical drive.


Good brand names are Kingston, crucial, Samsung, etc..


I would not purchase a new p c or laptop without a solid state drive.


You wrote that you will not  be moving/carrying your  laptop from  place to place, so you can get one that may be a little heavier than  a very lightweight one.

Laptops with a numeric keypad are a little bigger than those without.


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I am a little dumb in this area what is considered a solid-state drive question do you like a certain brand other than another brand question




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Hi Kathy.


In my experience, as one who uses jaws and the Microsoft office suite all the time, I can state that the two features that will make you happy are a solid state hard drive, and 16 gig of ram. Sure it is true that 8 gig will suffice, but I have 16 ram and solid state hard drives in all of my computers now and they work great. The difference in cost between 8 gig of ram and 16 gig is almost negligible.



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I will not be traveling with my laptop. I am doing a ministry through our church so I use the Internet a lot. I also print out braille so I have a Duxberry program and of course I use the latest jaws I just wanted to make sure that I have enough memory in my computer for it to last me for a little bit I also like to keep books on my computer because I download from bard as well

 I do not want a slow computer 


Kathy Sent from my iPhone

On Jun 15, 2021, at 9:04 PM, John Holcomb II <jhii926@...> wrote:

What do you do with your laptop? How much is your budget?

Will you be traveling a lot with this and need a good  battery ?



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Subject: [TechTalk] Recommendations for a new laptop


Good afternoon to all


I need to purchase a new laptop, I need help with how much memory and everything I need for my laptop I use the latest jaws  and I use office products I’d like to do the Internet as well I’m not good at this part when it comes to purchasing a laptop and everything I should have in it




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