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I never advocated buying a bottom of the line computer.  I said that I hadn’t priced computers for a long time but that I thought that five or six hundred dollars for a laptop for the kinds of uses described would purchase a machine that meets such needs well. 
I wouldn’t advocate buying a bottom of the line machine.  but I do strongly disagree with someone who says to buy a nine hundred dollar or one-thousand dollar machine to meet such needs and for future proofing when used for such needs.  You are spending more than half as much as your new computer would cost, which you might purchase five or seven years from now and that is at today’s prices.  Computers five or seven years from now will be more powerful for less money.

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I hear your point but do you want to spend $300 now, then spend $300 in two years or less?

Yes I’m using a number, you’re not going to get a laptop with even 8GB of ram for that cheap  a price.

It is very possible to get a cheap laptop that won’t serve  your needs well for even light tasks.

I’ll give you an example. I tried  this.

I got a Core I3 and it was so slow it might as well not be useable for a screen reader.

I’ve delt with 4 GB of RAMN and it pages so much that it bogs down the drive.

I’ve gotten away with 64GB of storage until it was time to upgrade windows and then you didn’t have enough s space to do even that.

For a user who isn’t technical they are not going to wanna have to think about clearing things out, knowing how to do this, etc. etc.

They want something that will work and will last them. They want something that they won’t have to think about.

They  won’t know enough to know if some tech guy that they have to pay in a few years is doing them s a  service or ripping them off. And you know what ? they shouldn’t have to.

And here’s the other thing to think about.

Being able to go into a store and type on the thing you’re going to be using if at all possible would be a good idea.

What if  we suggest all of this stuff, they get it and then they find out the keyboard experience sucks for them/

Does she want to pay for on-site service on top of the computers’ price? This is an option that is offered by  companies.

This is why I ask for a budget so we know how much can be spent.

Considering you won’t be traveling with the laptop, you won’t need to spend more money to go Thin and light.

See, heavier laptops are easier on the wallet.

You could get an I5 with a good amount of ram and storage option  cheaper if thin and light isn’t a concern. John


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