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Jim Wohlgamuth

Hi there Folks!

I am essentially running the same system with the exception of a newer video card that I was running with windows 7. I have only 4 GB ram and aside from it taking a bit longer in programs like Thunderbird I notice no real difference. So I do agree with Gene here in that microsoft doesn't set out to force folks to upgrade their systems by updating windows. I strongly believe the reason for having more powerful machines has to do with the software and how it is designed. Just My 2-sense worth, whatever that might be worth these days<SMILE!>. Catch Ya All Later!


On 16-Jun-21 12:10, Howard Traxler wrote:
You say:
Microsoft doesn’t make the next version of Windows markedly more demanding than the last version. 

Look at history
Windows 2.5
Windows 3.1
Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows ME
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
and Windows 10

Seems to me that each step (almost) required all new hardware.

On 6/16/2021 11:04 AM, Gene wrote:
I mean that, as far as I know, Microsoft doesn’t make the next version of Windows markedly more demanding than the last version. 
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I don’t know how much more you spend for 16GB of RAM but I see no reason to worry about Windows 11.  Microsoft doesn’t go around making new versions markedly more demanding.  And has anyone reliable who writes technical articles said that Windows 11 will require more ram or computing power?  While I don’t follow these things, at the same time, I have seen nothing indicating that people who had machines that ran Windows 8 needed more powerful machines to run Windows 10. 
I don’t know how much more you spend for 16GB of RAM when buying a new machine and having the extra RAM added.  If it is a small amount like twenty-five or thirty dollars, it isn’t worth worrying about mmuchif at all for a lot of people. 
I’m not particularly concerned with the amouhnt of RAM except in the context of what I consider the very questionable generalization about future proofing a machine.  though I also am commenting because I just don’t think a typical computer user needs more or will benefit significantly more by adding ram. 
also, it is my impression that Windows 10 handles memory more efficiently than Windows 8 did.  I’m challenging the idea that you need to spend more money and go beyond specifications that work well today to future pproof a machine.  Many considerations enter into the question.  How do you intend to use the machine?  How much do you care about speed?  What sorts of changes in Windows and programs can accurately be predicted that will make your computer not be able to work with software over many years and Windows as it changes?  And how much more money are we talking about? 
And to explain my point further, if you apply the future proof argument or extrapolation to other areas, what are the results?  Do you end up advocating a much more powerful processor than that which works well now with Windows 10?  In the end, adding, with all these upgrades, 100 dollars, or 150 dollars to the price of a machine.  A little here and a little there and you may be talking about enough money to matter to people who want to be careful or reasonably careful about how much they spend.
I really doubt that Microsoft is going to create the kind of bad will and anger among its customers by making Windows 11 require enough more computer resources to make a lot of users’ machines obsolete or require them to spend money to upgrade their machines.
In short, my main point is that once you start applying the future proof argument, where does it lead and how much money is involved? 
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Plus with Windows 11coming out, we don’t know the hardware requirements of that OS yet. Nor do we know  if JAWS will have new hard where requirements either.

I agree with Chris completely on this.

I’d go with 16GB to be safe.

My opinion is you don’t buy a laptop minimal specs just to last a year or two. You buy enough that will carry  you thru for a while.

I’d also go with a Core I5 11th gen.

Do you just want a clamshell laptop or w would you like to have it convert over to a tablet?

Is a keyboard with a  NumLock important to you?




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Hi Kathy.


In my experience, as one who uses jaws and the Microsoft office suite all the time, I can state that the two features that will make you happy are a solid state hard drive, and 16 gig of ram. Sure it is true that 8 gig will suffice, but I have 16 ram and solid state hard drives in all of my computers now and they work great. The difference in cost between 8 gig of ram and 16 gig is almost negligible.



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I will not be traveling with my laptop. I am doing a ministry through our church so I use the Internet a lot. I also print out braille so I have a Duxberry program and of course I use the latest jaws I just wanted to make sure that I have enough memory in my computer for it to last me for a little bit I also like to keep books on my computer because I download from bard as well

I do not want a slow computer


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On Jun 15, 2021, at 9:04 PM, John Holcomb II <jhii926@...> wrote:

What do you do with your laptop? How much is your budget?

Will you be traveling a lot with this and need a good  battery ?



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Good afternoon to all


I need to purchase a new laptop, I need help with how much memory and everything I need for my laptop I use the latest jaws  and I use office products I’d like to do the Internet as well I’m not good at this part when it comes to purchasing a laptop and everything I should have in it




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