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What message are you responding to?  I didn’t see any message recommending a mechanical hard drive.

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No, its not debatable. Nobody should be getting a mechanical drive in 2021!

This is more than just bootup time for windows. This is any time you open an application. And let us not start on every time that computer have to page anything its slowly waring the arm and read/write heads out.

Do  you know the first thing to most likely go on a computer? That’s right. The hard drive (especially mechanical drives!)  So yeah an MvME solid state drive is an absolute must.

Again. She is not the type of user that is gonna know how to open it up , take out the drive, replace it with a SSD, know the difference between SATA and MvME, know w which type of MvMe fits … be able to  clone, hope Windows does it right and it  optimizes trash collection trimming, etc. etc.…

Oh yeah plus the Sata to USB  I interface to dump one drive to a another and on and on that can go too.



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