Re: a white cane question

Monte Single

Hi Troy,
Mostof the canes I have seen are
4 sections which fit together quite snugly with and heavy, inner elastic chord.
They definitely do not fall apart.

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Hi all,

I don't use a white cane much because when I go somewhere I'm almost always with somebody sighted and I walk sighted guide with them. I do have a cane though, one that an O&M instructor gave me, and it's slightly bigger around than any other cane I've ever had and the 3 sections fit together very loosely. Is that the way all canes are made these days?

I won't try to replace this one because I do use it so seldom, but when I unfold the cane and put the joints together they seem loose enough to me that one of the joints may snap if I get the cane stuck in a crack or in some other obstacle.



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