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I don’t know if you can generalize.  I haven’t seen a lot of different brands of folding canes.  I’d have to checck on the brand I have.  it is a carbon fiber cane, I believe and the sections are well held to each other by elastic.  I’m not sure if the sections can move a very small bit but if so,, it is almost no movement. 
But whether I am out with a sighted person or not, I always have a cane with me where I can get it such as next to my chair.  How do I know if some unexpected emergency might occur and I might have to use it for some reason. 
Not having a cane with you means you are giving up the ability to be independent if there is some unexpected reason that makes it either necessary or desirable to be able to do so. 
Or it means you are giving up the ability to move when you can tell where you want to go.  if you are in the livingroom and you want to go to the kitchen in an unfamiliar house to join in a conversation, you can hear people talking and know where it is.  But without a cane, you don’t know if you might run into something or knock something down.  With a cane, you can go to the kitchen.  You aren’t going to know where rooms are that don’t give you that sort of auditory information, such as a bathroom.  but you won’t have to get help moving to and in rooms where you can tell where they are from where you are.

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Hi all,

I don't use a white cane much because when I go somewhere I'm almost
always with somebody sighted and I walk sighted guide with them. I do
have a cane though, one that an O&M instructor gave me, and it's
slightly bigger around than any other cane I've ever had and the 3
sections fit together very loosely. Is that the way all canes are made
these days?

I won't try to replace this one because I do use it so seldom, but when
I unfold the cane and put the joints together they seem loose enough to
me that one of the joints may snap if I get the cane stuck in a crack or
in some other obstacle.



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