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Troy Burnham


This cane is 3 sections like the others I've had over the years, but as I said the shaft of this cane is just slightly bigger around than the others I've had. Maybe the elastic cord inside the shaft is slightly looser than I'm used to and that's what causes it to not seem quite as solid as my past canes have been. It may not be as fragile as it seems to be, I'm just used to the sections fitting together more snugly than this.


On 6/16/2021 6:41 PM, Monte Single wrote:
Hi Troy,
Mostof the canes I have seen are
4 sections which fit together quite snugly with and heavy, inner elastic chord.
They definitely do not fall apart.

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Hi all,

I don't use a white cane much because when I go somewhere I'm almost always with somebody sighted and I walk sighted guide with them. I do have a cane though, one that an O&M instructor gave me, and it's slightly bigger around than any other cane I've ever had and the 3 sections fit together very loosely. Is that the way all canes are made these days?

I won't try to replace this one because I do use it so seldom, but when I unfold the cane and put the joints together they seem loose enough to me that one of the joints may snap if I get the cane stuck in a crack or in some other obstacle.



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