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val and david paul

Hi Jan!

I've called the charity who are dealing with the distribution of the ipads, and am waiting on them getting back to me, but so far, no luck.

I'll try using my email addresss.


On 16/06/2021 21:57, Janet wrote:
Hi Val,
Can you call the person who set the phone up, and ask him what he used as the password or Apple id?
Do you have an email address? If so, try using that At least that might solve your Appple Id question, so you can give that to Apple when you call them to tell them you don't know the password or the security code.


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I was also given an ipad which had already been set up, this was given
to all vulnerable customers in Scotland by the government.

Unfortunately the guy who set it up, did not give me an apple i.d or

Ofcourse, when I had an update recently, I couldn't sign back in.

Help on this would be appreciated.


On 16/06/2021 00:26, Nancy Hill wrote:
Ashley, I hit CTRL R so I hope this goes only to you.



On 6/15/2021 7:04 PM, Ashley Breger via wrote:
Hello, if you want to contact me off list I would be happy to give
you instructions on how to gain access to the iPad. Email me back off
the list for assistance with this problem


On Jun 15, 2021, at 5:56 PM, Nancy Hill <>


I have a good friend whose Mom passed away unexpectedly last year.
In going through her things she found an I Pad that is fairly new,
but she can not gain access to it.

What must my friend do to be able to gain access to this almost new

Thanks for your help and advice.


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