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I've been using computers for 25 years and never had a dedicated graphics card. I haven't seen the need to have one. . I don't play games or do video editing, etc.

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From the very article you linked to:
A graphics card is essentially responsible for generating the images you see on your monitor.
It is often associated with gaming purposes, but do you need a graphics card if you don’t play games?
In short, not really.
Next quote:
Even if you don’t play games, some activities still require an excellent GPU.
This includes things like video and photo editing, 3D rendering, and even cryptocurrency mining.
Not to mention software used for engineering and scientific projects.
Having a dedicated GPU will boost all of these activities’ performances.
One or two other activities are mentioned in the article, none of which the person or the typical user does.
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That depends. Graphics aren't just for photoshop or gaming.

On 6/17/2021 6:15 PM, John Holcomb II wrote:

Just as I thought. She doesn’t need  integrated graphics.




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Here is a quote from an article on this subject:

Of course, integrated graphics have their downsides too. First, they’re weak. They’re intended for the demands of a desktop user who reads email, browses the web, drafts documents, not users who do more demanding things like games.



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Ok… but is it performance that will be noticed for a blind person running an M.2 SD SSD and 16GB of ram?

If all they are doing is web browsing and email and office work how much will integrated graphics  kill performance?

I don’t think for that tasks having  a built in  GPU will harm enough for it to be noticeable.

Ok…  what if the person doesn’t have $900 to spend? I suppose there are payment options you could pay it off over time but some don’t want to do that.



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I would never buy used equipment that if I could get new. There is no garantie what condition it was used as. And discrete graphics it is simple. Intigrated graphics reduce system performance, as well as the ram. If you have discrete graphics,. browsers, and other apps use the GPU for hardware acceleration and to improve performance. So graphics isn't just for gaming, but the processor itself is useful, and doesn't add much to the price. An entry level graphics is fine, like the rtx 2060 or 3060 now.

On 6/17/2021 2:43 PM, John Holcomb II wrote:

Tell me why a blind person would need discreet graphics.

That’s the only thing but past that I agree with you on everything else.

I’m not  so sure I agree with

You on price, I haven’t priced new ones and s specked them out.

I know on BestBuy or other places if you go refurb, you can get some pretty good deals on yesterday’s wine that is good enough.





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This is incorrect. 8 gb is ok, but 16 is even better. With no apps open, my win10 system eats about 5.5 gb. That leaves  very little for anything else if I used 8 gb. True a powerful computer probably isn't required, but an 800-900 or so good laptop is worth it for the responsiveness and pleasant experience. A minimum  of dual channel ram, an SSD, discrete graphics, and an i5/R5.

On 6/16/2021 8:27 AM, Gene wrote:

You don’t need a powerful computer to do what you want to do.  Most computers today come with 8gb of ram and you don’t need more.  You aren’t using any memory intensive applications that might bring you even close to using 8gb of RAM.  I haven’t priced various laptops or kept up with different models for a long time, but I doubt you will have to spend more than five or six hundred dollars to get a laptop that will fill your needs well.  I’ll let others discuss the question further.



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I will not be traveling with my laptop. I am doing a ministry through our church so I use the Internet a lot. I also print out braille so I have a Duxberry program and of course I use the latest jaws I just wanted to make sure that I have enough memory in my computer for it to last me for a little bit I also like to keep books on my computer because I download from bard as well

I do not want a slow computer


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What do you do with your laptop? How much is your budget?

Will you be traveling a lot with this and need a good  battery ?



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Good afternoon to all


I need to purchase a new laptop, I need help with how much memory and everything I need for my laptop I use the latest jaws  and I use office products I’d like to do the Internet as well I’m not good at this part when it comes to purchasing a laptop and everything I should have in it




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