opinion: the Pixel 4A, iPad Mini5, Kyocera Dora extreme, or LG V60

John Holcomb II

So I’ve got $140 in device dollars which I need to use by July 10th from Verizon.

I’m debating about getting the Pixel 4A or an iPad mini5.

I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S10 which I know will be upgradable to android 12. I’ve also got an iPhone SE first gen.

Reasons for getting the  pixel is that I’d get the latest versions of android, I could ask on this list, and I could a also  call the google disability desk if I should have problems with Be  My Eyes, plus all of  the issues with Samsung devices I’ve seen as of late.

As far as the iPad mini5, it still has the t touch ID sensor and headphone jack and will be supported longer than my SE first gen (which  while I know will run on iOS 15, won’t run past that most likely.)

I could also hold off on getting that pixel and get it when android 13   comes out, as I think Samsung would fix their issues by the time 12 is out.

I’m  looking for advice.

Thing is, I have to use these dollars by July 10th or I lose them. So I’m getting something one way or the other .

The other thought I’ve considered is replacing my LG Exalt LTE with the Kyocera Dora extreme.

The advantage of that over the LG is that it is a  lot louder thru its speaker and headphone jack for phone calls.

I’ve also got a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 running android 10 . If I traded that in I will only get $128.

I also don’t think I’d get a ton of money for the S10 + either. It’s the 1TB model unlocked.

If you had to pick between these 3 devices, which one would you go with and why?

I’m thinking that the pixel would have the most staying power.

I’m also thinking any of these things I don’t have to absolutely have right now. But I’m stuck using these dollars so got to do something with them.  

SO hmm.

Your thoughts and opinions?

If you had to buy one of these devices, which one would you pick and why?

Of Corse I’m thinking about the LG V60 because of its quad DAC.


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