s s d drives

Monte Single

Hi John h II and list,

I have a 4-5 year old hp small form desktop with 6th gen I5 processor.

Haven’t spent any money on pcs  in a couple years.

This device has a 500 gig sata drive.

I’m thinking about installing a s s d drive for the o s and programs.

You said newer ssd and  such drives connect to the mainboard through 


Pci-e 3 and 4 slots.

I tried getting the specs for my  hp from the net.  I got lots of info about cpu, ram slots, usb ports, video etc.,  but I could not fine the specs for unused pci slots.

There is a serial adapter plugged  into one slot, there are 2  really short slots, and one long slot,  long like a stick of ram.

Maybe these are pci—3 slots?


Just poking around in the dark.



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