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If the instructor provides these links and you listen to lessons at your convenience, not live, then they are available at least for a time.  You should use a program like Pontes Media Downloader to download the audio, or, if you wish, you can record them as they play.  Its up to you how you do this.  I can tell you about a recording program you can use and I can tell you more about Pontes Media Downloader.  Others can discuss such topics as well. 
I don’t know why the material is no longer available.  I don’t know if links to certain material expire or if your instructor is making the material unavailable.

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Sent: Friday, June 18, 2021 1:55 PM
Subject: [TechTalk] You Tube links expiring?

Hi List, I have been doing my guitar lessons via Zoom and my instructor has been sending me their recordings as You Tube links. 


I am now wanting to go back and revisit my first piece that was in late January or early February.  However, when I click on those links now, which did work at that time, they now say “Not available”.


Do You Tube links expire and can they be renewed?


Since I’m paying a hefty fee for each lesson, I am distressed over the idea that I might have to pay him yet again for the lessons.


If they do expire, is there a way to make a more permanent recording with the computer?


Thanks very much for any help!



Sincerely, Vicky V

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