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John Holcomb II

M.2 SSDs will be on anything but the bottom of the crop when it comes to desktops.

Same with hyper threading.

But here’s another thought to consider.

For single core performance, AMD is  worth a look. They have something similar to hyper threading which I forget what its called now.




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I am not a tech but I doubt you have to worry about the case.  You seem to be worried that the problems you have with your computer are caused by heat.  there is no reason for that assumption. 


As has been asked, how do you intend to use your computer?  I know little about M2 slots but whether you have one may not matter to any extent depending on how you intend to use it.  My impression is that they are common on computers now but I am just stating an impression and I hope others discuss the question. 


I would imagine that other things you are worried about, hyperthreading, for example, are so standard in machines that are not bottom of the line that you probably don’t have to worry about whether a machine uyou buy has that ability.  I would imagine it is present in any machine that isn’t a bottom of the line budget machine.


As has been asked, how do you intend to use the machine?  I’ll ask further if you anticipate your uses changing to any significant extent over time.  After we know how you intend to use your machine, people can discuss such matters as price, power of machine, etc.  I think those questions of use are by far the most important in people advising you.



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Well, I guess I am coming in to this decade I am finally going to upgrade my desktop after 7 or 8 years.  So do I have to tell them I want an  m2 slot or is there another term?  I ran the Belarc adviser and it said I did not have  hiper threaded with my cores. I read up that the hiper threaded makes them faster for the PC.  Everything else was intergraded on the mother board, sound, internet card, graphics card and  memory. It was all intel integrated. The first thing to go out on this machine was the sound about 1.5 years ago. I am wired in to the modem as the wireless is not that great .I have to use a USB cord to get my printer to print too. So I am not sure what went out that these do not work anymore unless I do it threw a cable. I know the Bluetooth still works as my keyboard and mouse still work with the dongle. Monitor port does not work but I just switched to a  USB monitor. I was just wondering if I can get a tower  casing that vents heat more evenly. Or are the tower cases different these days. Thanks everybody.



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