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heather albright

I keep my desktops for a long time so I need one that can grow. I have several expansion bays that let me add ports. I like to be able to change the ports out if one goes bad. Unfortunately, a lot of my things are integrated the sound, internet,  graphics and some of the ports. I also can have 3 other drives for storage besides my local c drive. I am the one who has all the back ups in the house so, I have a backup drive for me and a backup drive for someone else, not on the same drives.  I know it will be way smaller as the drives are so small.  I know, I can just have external drives but, the internal are much faster and it easy to search if you are using back up internal drives. I am trying to plan on not just the technology for now, but, the technology down the road. I usually keep my pcs for 8 to 10 years. All the pcs I see has everything monitor, keyboard, mouse. I just need a new tower. I have a monitor 2 years old that is a USB. I have USB speakers and a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. I noticed my tower casing could have better benalation, guess I do not have much choice in that one.  I am hoping to get an easier tower casing, this one is a real pain to get off. I think it would be real cool to look in the new towers, less wireing like the old spinning drives have in the towers.

I wish I could open up the desk tops to feel what the insides are going to look like. How are the drives going to be placed in the tower, some they slide in and snap in place and others they require screws to hold them in place. Some you have to unscrew the bays and others let you slide in ports to add to the machine. I even saw a YouTube video where, they were able to replace the power  box on their pc and just went out and got another one. I guess you can buy towers that do not have the power boxes integrated on the mother boards. I thought your pc was a goner if the power supply dies on you.









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What do you do with your PC?

Desktops are even cheaper than laptops and you could get a small form factor PC SFF if  space is a concern.

You a can get intergraded graphics and internal sound as well and that would probably serve you find unless you’re doing something more  complex.




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Well, I guess I am coming in to this decade I am finally going to upgrade my desktop after 7 or 8 years.  So do I have to tell them I want an  m2 slot or is there another term?  I ran the Belarc adviser and it said I did not have  hiper threaded with my cores. I read up that the hiper threaded makes them faster for the PC.  Everything else was intergraded on the mother board, sound, internet card, graphics card and  memory. It was all intel integrated. The first thing to go out on this machine was the sound about 1.5 years ago. I am wired in to the modem as the wireless is not that great .I have to use a USB cord to get my printer to print too. So I am not sure what went out that these do not work anymore unless I do it threw a cable. I know the Bluetooth still works as my keyboard and mouse still work with the dongle. Monitor port does not work but I just switched to a  USB monitor. I was just wondering if I can get a tower  casing that vents heat more evenly. Or are the tower cases different these days. Thanks everybody.



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