welcome to Blind android users podcast episode 28, its all about audio recorders and interview with Brian Kemler, Product Manager for Talkback at Google.


hi all.
this is a very importent episode for talkback users, but it has
something for CSR users as well.
to listen to this episode and all previous episodes, visit.
if you want short segments of this episode,click on this playlist.
in this episode, we demo some audio recorders like.
Easy Voice Recorder, ASR Voice Recorder, smart audio recorder, Hi-Q
MP3 Voice Recorder and Amazing MP3 Recorder
after that.
This week, we are absolutely thrilled to be joined to talk about all
things Talkback by Brian Kemler, Product Manager for Talkback at
we ask him many questions about the trusted tester program, multi
finger jestures, and lots more.
My Android Journey
Finally, our Android Journey story this week comes from Brandon Hennis.
thanks for listening.

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