Re: downloading purchased software from


Hi Troy,

I have never bought any softwares from Amazon nor do i have any
experience i this regard. However, from what i have read in their
terms & conditions is that they only provide you the key to activate
the software & the actual installer still needs to be downloaded from

I tried looking for a place to download the installer, however,
couldn't find one.

See, if the directions to download the installer are given on the
order page. If nothing else works, you may contact MS via BeMyEyes.

Sorry, I couldn't be of any help rather than throwing random ideas at
you but I hope, it works.

On 6/20/21, Troy Burnham <> wrote:
Hi all,

How do I download software that I bought from I purchased ms
word the other day and I see it in my software library but I don't see
how to download it.



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