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Byron Stephens

I still use xp to broadcast using winamp 5.24 running the streaming encoders and an x-fi card with the what you hear option along with quickmix. I use panda antivirus, and I'm also curious what can still be used.

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Thank you Gene for your reply.  I do have AVG on the XP that I have, but I am not sure if it is running properly.  I mainly use that computer for listening to CDs as WMP works very well, as does the CD player.  I did not know that Microsoft Essentials was used as far back as windows XP.  Many years ago I used this particular computer when I worked as a medical transcriptionist, and my company placed AVG on the machine.




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Its an interesting question.  I’m curious if Microsoft is still making definitions available to Microsoft Security Essentials in XP.  it did for years after support stopped but I have no idea now.  and I have no idea if you can get the program that ran in XP.  But it was very accessible.  Perhaps others know more about that.


I use my XP machines for so little these days that I haven’t kept up with antivirus programs that are accessible and can be used.



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I have read that some of you on this list still have a Windows XP.  I would like to know what do you use for virus protection.




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