question on doing a windows 10 reset

Keith S

I followed the following to do a reset to try to fix any speed issues on my windows 10 computer, but I had to make a decision after selecting the reset option. I had to choose whether or to keep my settings or to remove my settings and format the hard drive. I chose to keep my files and about 20 minutes after choosing this option, and hearing the computer restart, I heard my computer announce that drop box, which I have installed on the win 10 machine, announce that I had updates to files in that folder. So, I am not sure exactly what I chose to do. In a windows 10 reset to a clean install of windows 10, should the reset process format the hard drive, or is it like in windows xp when you had the option of scanning for corrupted or missing files and make the appropriate changes?



so to do a reset, and no that wont revert you back to windows 8.

first things first, backup all the data you have on c drive.

next, make sure that you ave activation codes for any programs that

require them as the reset will remove all programs, accept the apps

that came with windows.

after you are sure that you have everything saved.

you press windows and i.

press tab once.

go to update and security which is right at the end of the list, so

pressing the end key if you have 1 will directly take you there.

then go to recovery.

and click on reset this pc.

the pc will reboot 2 3 times, you wont have jaws or any screen reader,

but after the pc has rebooted for the first time, just wait for 1 or 2

minutes and press control windows enter, this will launch narrator and

it will give you progress about what is happening.

after resetting you may have to enter microsoft account.

if you dont want to do this, dont connect to wifi or internet via cable.

tell it i dont have internet and continue with limited setup.

after creating a local account and finishing setup, then connect to

internet and again it will ask you to enter a microsoft account, tell

it i will do this later and click on complete setup.

now you will have to reinstall all programs from scratch.

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