Re: Accessible TV's right out of the box


Thanks, That's great to know!
Is the instructions for activating the voice view in the supplied
documentation or did you find it out on your own?


On 6/21/21, Merv Keck via <> wrote:
Toshiba Fire TV is accessible right out of the box. I have the 43 inch and
it has 4 HDMI and one thumb drive which I use extensively to view media I
previously saved to my computer. It also has Alexa built in so I can control
it with my voice if I so choose. I needed no help or vision to put this
together or to connect it to anything. It also has voice view which is very

On Jun 21, 2021, at 8:33 PM, Blaster <> wrote:

Hi list, Since Amazon is having their big 2 day sale I was wondering
if anyone could tell me if any of the talking brands are accessible
right out of the box, since I don't have sighted assistance. I found
these brands available.
Toshiba, Samsung & Insignia.
If anyone has set one of these TV's up from scratch I'd love to hear about


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