Re: Is this new Internet annoyance the start of a trend?

Troy Burnham

Unless I'm misunderstanding what's going on here I've been noticing this for several years.

In case what's being discussed is different from what I've experienced, I can be reading an article online and there are links entered right in the middle of it that may or may not be related to the article's content but usually is.

Another annoyance for me, and this happens both while reading something on the internet using my computer or my iPhone, is twitter links. It seems like there'll be a quote from somebody's twitter feed in the article and that's fine, but then it puts the links to that feed and again repeats the quoted text from above. I don't know why something has to be repeated like that, just the quote should be good enough without having the actual twitter feed there too.


On 6/22/2021 12:21 PM, Gene wrote:
I just gave opinion descriptions and links as an example of what may appear in an opinion article on the site.  I see the same sort of thing in various news articles as well, referring you to other news articles.
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I’ve seen this in the middle of reader view on other s sites too.

Its not  always opinion but stuff that is related.

I’ve gotten down a rabbit whole because of this lol.




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I read READER’S DIGEST for years, but stopped when their articles were essentially thumbnail sketches filled with links.  I wouldn’t mind if such links were posted at the end of articles, but as you point out, that doesn’t seem to be the way of modern journalism; after all, it’s all about catching the eye and attention of the reader immediately; after all, the reader may not read to the end of the article.






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The New York Times recently has begun inserting sections in articles containing text and links to related articles, or articles in the same section that are only related by category, such as that they are all opinion articles.  Here is an example:

This appears in the middle of an opinion article about Biden’s foreign policy:

OPINION DEBATEWill the Democrats face a midterm wipeout?

• EZRA KLEIN writes that “midterms typically raze the governing party” and explores just how tough a road the Democrats have ahead.

• JAMELLE BOUIE wonders whether voters will accept a party “that promises quite a bit but won’t work to make any of it a reality.”

• MAUREEN DOWD writes that Biden has “a very narrow window to do great things” and shouldn’t squander it appeasing Republican opponents.

• THOMAS B. EDSALL explores new research on whether the Democratic Party could find more success focusing on race or on class when trying to build support.


While I read other content online and haven’t seen an increase in this sort of thing, this could be the start of a new trend.  Have others seen an increase? 


Ways of eliminating intrusive content such as Edge’s Immersive Reader, don’t detect and remove these long sections.  How do they look different to sighted readers?  Does the difference in appearance give any indication of how these sections might be detected and removed or skipped by screen-readers or features like Immersive Reader??



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