Re: An Amazon problem


If your choosing a product like clothing or shoes, you will need to
choose one of the options from the first option, for instance the
color of the clothing. Then this will change the options for the next
option, like size, as your size may be available in that color or
maybe not. As you move to the next option the values are updated, so
the next option, the quantity drop-down menu, will reflect how many
pieces of clothing in your selected color and size are available.


On 6/23/21, Loy <> wrote:
I have come across something new at Amazon when trying to order some items.

I click on an item I want and a list of different options comes up. The
choices are like different quantities or sizes I can choose from. I can't
figure out how to select the one I want using JAWS. Has anyone else come
across this and how did you choose the one you wanted from the list.

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