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Troy Burnham

This isn't a new machine. I did, however, have the geek squad reinstall windows for me back in February of this year because the machine wouldn't boot into windows and when the geek squad evaluated it they said it was a software problem, and they offered me some sort of software program that I let them install thinking it might help but it was more of a problem than anything. I forget what software it was but I don't believe it was AVG, and I eventually got it uninstalled, but maybe it was something to do with that that stopped windows security from running. I know that I just recently started downloading and running the Microsoft safety scanner again after not doing that for a while, and when I used to use that it never found anything to quarentine but the last few times it has been finding things to remove.

Is there a way that I can double-check to be sure windows security is indeed running? I found it in my settings the other day and turned something on that said it was off but I don't know if that did the trick or not.


On 6/22/2021 10:23 PM, Monte Single wrote:

If you purchased a brand name machine, it is possible the a v g was installed by the manufacturer.  This is a common practice.


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For some reason windows security notified me a couple of days ago that it was turned off on my windows 10 machine. I think I eventually got it turned back on but in the meantime I found out that AVG was installed and apparently running. I have no idea how AVG got installed, must've been part of some bloatwear that got installed when I installed something else even though I have unchecky installed and that's supposed to stop extra things like that from installing, but unless the message I got was wrong apparently certain things can shut down windows security.




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HI Jim,


Yes, Windows 10 comes with Windows Defender, or is it windows security,  I use it on this win 10 machine.

It is installed and running by default.  You don’t have to do anything.

Once every few days or week I hear my screenreader, nvda for me,  say  a check had just completed.

It is rated at the top of the heap the  all the geeks who rate this kind of thing.

No need to install something else, free or paid for.


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Subject: [TechTalk] free antivirus and windows 10..?


Hi There Folks!
Is there an antivirus program which comes with Windows 10? If so, where can I obtain it? Thanks And Have A Great Day!

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