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Loy, Yes, I have had this problem too. If you press the space bar on,
let's say, the 256 option and then keep tabbing you may find a message
saying "out of stock". This info used to be directly next to the
button, but now it's buried somewhere on the screen. Have you tried
using the website to see if it handles this problem
better then the main site? I haven't, but I'll try this the next time
I run into this issue.


On 6/23/21, Loy <> wrote:
This is something different. i was trying to order a SSD drive, After I
picked the brand, there were a list of sizes,250GB, 500 GB and 1 TB. There
were no check boxes. I tried using spacebar also enteron the discriptions
and never could get the right one selected. Also tried to order some
products for my wife, that came in different quanity boxes, same problem
there also. I have only seen this happen this past week.
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I have found that sometimes when you arrow down through the size choices,
JAWS does not announce the options. I just arrow down once, then Shift tab

to the beginning and then the size will be announced. You may have to do
this more than once to get to where you want. If all else fails, call
Amazon disability and have them pick the items and size and put into your

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