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This isn’t because of the player.  Your friend evidently only played one file.  I don’t use VLC to any extent so I can’t tell you how you might do this in the player itself.  But all files must be selected and specified to be played.  This doesn’t necessarily mean selecting them all in the list and doing so may not result in them playing in the correct order.
The following method should work.  I have used it so seldom that I can’t be sure everything is exactly correct but if there are errors, I hope people will correct me.  If it doesn’t work, let me know.  I can experiment. 
Find the files on the drive you want.  They may be in a folder or not.  But let’s assume you want to play all the files in a folder or on the drive.  Once you are in the folder or on the drive with those files, I am assuming there are no others to play, open the context menu when nothing is selected.  Down arrow through the choices.  I believe one will be play in VLC Player.  Press enter.  As I recall, all the files should play and should play in the proper order. 
You may not want to watch them all at one time and if you close the player and open the files in the same way, you will need to know the player command to skip to the next track so you can play the next video or the third video or wherever you want to start and have the rest play from there.
In other words, this isn’t a player problem.  it’s a problem of selecting files or determining how the player will play them.  You would have the same problem in any other player.

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Hello all

Ok I’m having no luck at all with vlc media player.  I had someone start one of the vidios for me himself, and it only played the first episode.  This dvd has at least four or five episodes on it.

Is there some other player that would be at least somewhat usable by the blind?

Many thanks gang.


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