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Makes sense Gene, thanks again to Blaster, yourself and everyone else who responded.


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As to why you opened the Dropbox folder using the run dialog, as you know, Dropbox creates a folder on your computer where it stores copies of files you have uploaded.  Unless you change settings, Dropbox synchronizes what it has on its server from you with what is in the folder on your machine.  When you open Dropbox, the program not the folder, you are ;placed in the folder you got to using the run dialog.


The run dialog is programmed to look in certain places when you tell it to open something.  I don’t know just what those places are but you can open Notepad, Wordpad, and some folders and files without typing a path statement. 


If you try to open something in a location where the run dialog isn’t designed to look, and that includes most locations on your computer, you will get an error message.  In this case, the folder Dropbox keeps on your computer is in a place the run dialog is programmed to look so it opens the folder regardless of whether Dropbox is running or is on your machine. 


As I said in another message, but I’ll say again to make this message complete, Dropbox was installed at some point on your machine but when it was uninstalled, by whomever did so, the folder of files was left on your machine.  This is intentional and is the same sort of thing as programs leaving settings on your machine in case you reinstall the program and want to use it again.



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That's great news!  I'm glad to hear that your back on track for more
music production. I'm subscribed to your YouTube channel and I'm
looking forward to hearing more new music!

Take care,

On 6/24/21, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
> It was installed at some time because the Dropbox folder is still there.
> When it was uninstalled, it left the Dropbox folder.  It, as most programs,
> leave things that will be wanted if the program is reinstalled and you would
> have to remove the folder manually.
> Gene
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> Hi list,
> Gene, Blaster and Mike, I’m so sorry!
> I’m normally not this dumb with computers but drop box apparently wasn’t
> installed on this windows machine, but I thought it was because when I do
> windows key r and type in drop box and press enter, I’m in there.
> However, I reread Blaster’s email where Blaster talked about the taskbar
> steps and Blaster mentioned to reinstall drop box so I went to ninite,
> installed it, went somewhere that Blaster told me to make sure it was turned
> on and now I see it in the system tray.
> I turned on my mac, and drop box began alerting me that things were being
> downloaded.
> So, if drop box wasn’t installed, why did it open up drop box after typing
> in drop box in the run dialog?
> Thanks to all who tried helping, even though it was my stupidity lol. One
> good thing I got out of this is I forced myself to learn how to navigate
> safari on the mac today, because what I do is find sounds for my beats, then
> I put them in drop box and I hop over to the mac, down load the sounds from
> ddrop box there and start my process.
> Thanks again to all who responded. Mike there is no need for a tandem
> session now, rest up and get better.

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