A very strange problem

Kay Malmquist

Hi all,
I am sorry about the subject line but if you read on, you will see why.
My husband has an iPhone 6 S and yes, I realize it is an older phone but this is not the issue.  When I O S 14 series came out, like most every one else, he updated.  Now I have to back up a bit.  Back in 2016 I had brain surgery and he posted to a couple of groups how I was doing.  He would send texts to everyone and then of course delete them.  Now back to around a half year ago when I O S 14 came out.  He upgraded and now there is one text that he sent at this time showing up at the top of pages, down where the page adjust bar is and other places as well.  It covers up things and makes it a pain to do a lot of what should be simple.  He has called Apple and they have thought that it might be a labeling issue.  They have taken everything off his phone and then they say that they can see it.  It is not a labeling issue.  They have said that they would send it up the line to the engineering team, but nothing is ever heard.  Now last week he got an iPad and when he set it up he set it up through the iCloud and guess what?  That text is now on his iPad.  It must have to do with something in the iCloud.  He called Apple tech support and got the usual run around.  He is going to get a new iPhone within the next week and if he registers it using his info that text will be on it as well.  Where can someone go to get to a higher level of tech support that will help him to get this fixed once and for all?  If that means dumping his iCloud account and starting over from scratch, then so be it.  Please if anyone has any thoughts on this it would be appreciated. 

Kay Malmquist
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