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Morning all,

NVDA and Jaws are similar. I'd put NVDA on your system, and leave Jaws there too. You can switch between them.

Many of the commands are identical e.g. read current line, read title bar, get time and more. NVDA behaves the same way as does Jaws in edit boxes.

If 'twere me, I'd go looking for tutorials. NV Access has an aexcellent one, though it is not free. It is well worth the price. Here is an example of what google can find for you. › assistive-technology-videos › learn-...

Ann P.

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Hi all,
Okay, so I decided to download NVDA. What do I need to know about using it? I'm
used to using Jaws, so what are the differences and similarities between the two
screen readers? I'm not sure I want to give up Jaws for good, but I'd like to
know how to use it in case I ever can't afford to upgrade my SMA. Look forward
to any help anyone can provide me!!!! Using the latest version of NVDA and
Windows 10. Thanks Madison

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