Accessible ePub to Docs converter?


Hello list,

So I’m trying to convert some ePub files to Docs. I have both Codex and Calibre in conjunction with Carlos Nazario’s eBook-convert GUI to make Calibre more screen reader accessible. In both programs however, I do not find the option to select docs as the output format. There’s TXT, RTF, PDF, Mobi etc., but no docs. Unless I’m missing something or if there are limitations to Carlos’s Calibre add-on, I thought Calibre would be able to do this, but I’m finding that not to be the case.

So… am I missing something and can Calibre in fact make this conversion? Does anyone know of an accessible converter that can do ePub to docs? There seems to be a bunch of online options, but all things being equal, I’d prefer a desktop solution. Absent that, Has anyone tried any of these online conversion sites and if so, how well do they work?

I’m using the latest Jaws 2021 version.





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