trouble registering Microsoft Word 2019

Troy Burnham

Hi all,

I bought Ms Word 2019 recently and I'm having trouble getting it registered.

I have a product key and when I try to open a Word file the dialogue comes up saying that my copy of Word isn't registered so I go to where I can put in my product key and do that, then I'm told to go back and sign into my Microsoft account and this is where the problems seem to start. I enter the e-mail associated with the newly created Microsoft account and the password but then it tells me that there's a problem with my Microsoft account. I can't figure out what's wrong with the account though, is there a different way to register without having a Microsoft account since this is the only thing I'll be using the account for?

I apparently can use Word without registering it because once the registration dialogue comes up I can hit alt-f4 several times and eventually I get to a point where jaws will read the contents of the Word file, and I'll do that if there's no work-arounds but I hope there is.



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