Dropbox Question

Vicki W

I have my Dropbox checked to save only in the cloud and not local on my computer. Today I got a notice that I am running out of space in Dropbox which I knew was not true.
I checked my dropbox sync settings, and everything was unchecked, the main folder and all the folders inside. Neither local nore online was checked. I tried to check the main dropbox folder to online, but it wouldn't check, so I went inside the folder and checked all of the subfolders separately and that worked, including automatically checking the main Dropbox folder.
I then added several files to one of the subfolders, and, not only did it become unchecked to both local and online, the main dropbox folder did as well. Those folders I hadn't changed remained checked to online, even though the main Dropbox folder was completely unchecked.
Where can I go to make sure this doesn't happen, that it will sync to online whenever I add files to a folder and not uncheck itself?

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