Re: saving a message so that links remain links

Troy Burnham

Thanks Gene, I think I can save in html from thunderbird.


On 6/30/2021 3:50 PM, Gene wrote:
Text saves nothing but actual carachters such as letters and nnumbers.  I don’t know what options you have to save messages in.  Either save them as eml messages, which saves the actual message or in a format like HTML.  If you save in eml format, when you press enter on the message name, it will open in your e-mail program and it will be just as it was when you read it originally in the program.
I don’t know if any e-mail programs let you save the message in other formats, but if they do, and you save it as an HTML file, it will open in the default browser.
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Subject: [TechTalk] saving a message so that links remain links
Hi all,

This may seem like a basic question to most and maybe it is, but if I
get an e-mail that I want to save in a way that the links in the message
remain links that I can access later on what format do I need to save in?

Thanks, I just tried to save a message in txt format and when I reopened
it after saving the links weren't there.


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