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Shelly Kane

Thank you for sharing.  I'm not interested in a service where you have to actually purchase the books.  It's nice not to have a monthly charge but you are still spending money on books.  The service I have is a monthly charge but I can read the book and then delete it.  I only read books once so I don't think the service you were talking about would be for me but thank you anyway.


On 7/2/2021 3:30 PM, Gene wrote:
I haven’t looked at the service much. I gave the link so those interested can learn about it.  While I don’t use it myself, I was interested in it because it has, from what I can tell, a lot of books on sale that change over time and there is no monthly charge, as I recall.  I haven’t looked at the site for a good while but if I were going to subscribe to such a service, I would want to learn more about this one.
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Is this  a free service and can you put it on your iPhone?  I am also looking into overdrive and that's through the public library system.  Have any of you ever used that?  If so, how accessible is it?

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I forgot to include the link:
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I haven’t used this service and I know little about it but it seems worth looking into.
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        Hi Group:

I wasn't sure where to post this question so thought I would start
here.  I have been learning about different ways to read audio books and
I have been using BARD for years.  I started with Braille and then went
to audio books through the National Library service.  Lately, I have
been hearing that there are other services out there and have checked
some out and wanted to get your feedback.  I know Audible is very good
but I found one a bit cheaper and it seems a lot like Audible.  This app
I put on my phone is called Scribd.  It's $10 per month.  Have any of
you ever used this app and if so, what did you think?  I have noticed
that you can get any book you want where sometimes on BARD you can't get
it.  I like the idea of having books on my phone and then when I go
somewhere, I don't have to carry the digital player.  I heard that the
Bard app uses a lot of battery while reading books and it also seems
hard to use.  I haven't noticed Scribd using a lot of battery yet.  As I
said before, I like the convenience of getting mostly any book you
choose and having it at my finger tips.  The other thing I'm thinking
about is BARD is free.  I look forward to hearing your responses and if
there is any pros and cons you can think of.  Thank you in advance.


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