Re: recording tv shows from a tv to a laptop

John Holcomb II

You’d have to be careful if using the headphone out from the TV as if pushed with the volume level can distort.




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Do you already record material from something else  in that way?  While you may need a cable with one or more different plugs to go into what you are recording from, it’s the same for all such recording.  I’m not discussing making USB recordings.  I’m saying it’s the same, meaning you use a line in jack on the sound card and either a line out jack on the device or something like an ear;phone jack.


Does your computer have a line in jack?  If not, you would have to get an external sound card that has one.



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Subject: [TechTalk] rechording tv shows from a tv to a laptop


Is it possible to set up a laptop to rechord your favorit tv shows, without using a microphone?  I would like to try to rechord without it picking up the noise of the room.


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