Re: branchless (online only) banks?

Wendy Walker

I've used Ally Bank for ten years and they are very accessible. In
years past, when I had an accessibility issue they even gave me the
direct line phone number for Tier 2 (one step above regular tech
support. I haven't had to contact them lately though because I haven't
had any accessibility issues. I use their iPhone app mostly and don't
really have any reason to use the website on a computer. They are also
affiliated with Zell (not all banks are) so if I need to send/receive
money to someone that is an option besides Pay Pal.

I forgot to mention they do not charge fees for ATM withdrawals (in
the past they would reimburse any fees you were charged up to I
believe 5 withdrawal fees per month) and the checking and savings are
both interest bearing accounts.


On 7/2/21, Brent Harding <> wrote:
I have used nothing but these for the longest time, from the early days
Netbank and ING Direct. was another online branchless bank I had
used, until they merged with BBVA, who is in turn merging with PNC by
October. I liked Simple's accessibility, but BBVA's app isn't so great with
Voiceover on the phone. Ally bank is another one I've tried, and although
wasn't the greatest years ago, they have decent accessibility now. Their
only down side is that they don't really have deposit or withdrawal
notifications on the phone app like Simple did. I thought about trying
something like Chime, but not sure how accessible they are. They appear to
have a better ATM network in that there are machines closer to where I go
than some of the others have.

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Subject: [TechTalk] branchless (online only) banks?

Has anyone here used a branchless bank before?

If so how accessible are these kinds of banks on android, iOS and Windows?



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