Re: Ripping and Burning A Cd From Gene, In Windows 7.

Pamela Dominguez

I was able to rip with media player with windows seven until they kept making changes. But I never ended up being able to put together a cd and burn it with windows media. I first used EZ cd creator, then after that, I used something else, but I forget what it was. Pam.

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Hi All!
Here are some instructions I got from Gene and I used for many years in Media Player and Windows 7, although, it's been many many years since I burned a cd. I don't have any idea if these instructions will work in Windows 10 though.

In the following instructions, both for ripping and burning, major new
steps start on new lines.
Here is how to rip a cd using Windows Media Player version 11, the Windows
7 version of version 11.

Place a cd in the drive and close it.
Do not have Windows Media Player opened when you do this.
If Media Player plays the cd automatically, stop play. If it doesn't,
start the cd playing in Media Player. If you don't know how to do this,
ask here.
As I said, when play sstarts, stop play. The stop command is control s.
Tab until you get to a button that says rip and press the space bar.
The cd will be ripped. Look for it in the Music folder. It may be in a
the files, by default, are ripped as wma files.
If you want to change the format, open Media Player.
Issue the command alt then type o.
Shift tab once.
Right arrow to rip cds.
Tab until you get to a formats list.
Up and down arrow to see available formats.
Select the one you want and press enter.
If you have enough room on your hard drive for wave files and are only
creating them to burn another cd, that format may produce better results
than others. However, I don't know, when compared with wma lossless if
there is any audible loss in quality.

To burn a cd,
There are variations on how to burn a cd in Windows Media Player in
Windows 7. Here is one procedure:

Copy the files you want to burn to the clipboard.
Then put a blank cd in the cd drive.
Wait for about fifteen or twenty seconds to see if autorun comes up. If
it does, close it with escape and if that doesn't work, use alt f4.
Now, open My Computer.
One way to open My Computer in Windows 7 is to open the start menu, type
the word computer, then down arrow to an item that just says computer. If
you don't find it after down arrowing a few times, up arrow a number of
times. Once you find it, press enter.
Once you have opened My Computer, find the cd drive and press enter.
You will be placed in a dialog. The field you are in allows you to name
the cd. If you don't name it, the current date and time will be used.
After you either write something in this field or leave it as it is, tab
once. You are now in a list of two radio buttons. these are to choose
the kind of cd you want to create.
One radio button says Like a USB flash drive and the other says With a
cd/dvd player.
Select the cd/dvd player radio button and then press enter.
Now paste the files you want to burn from the clipboard just as if you
were copying files. the files are being copied to a temporary folder.
You can now up and down arrow and see the files if you wish.
Back space once. You should be at, but not in, the cd drive. Don't press
Open the context menu and type the letter t. That is the short cut
command to open the burning wizard. .
You are now in a dialog. You can name the cd here if you wish. Or you
can leave the information unchanged.
After you give the disk a title or leave the information as it is, press
You are now in a list of two radio buttons. One sayd make an audio cd.
the other says something like make a data cd. You want to make an audio
cd. You should already be on that radio button. If you are, press enter.
If you aren't, move to it using the up and down arrows and press enter.
Windows Media Player opens.
You may have to alt tab to it. In other words, you may not be moved
automatically to the player window once it opens.
When you are in the player window, issue the command alt s.
You won't hear any speech and nothing will seem to happen perhaps for as
long as one or two minutes, maybe a little longer.
Then the burn will begin. You will only know when it begins by hearing
the cdrom start to make sounds. There is no speech.
Let the burn continue. Once it is finished, the cd door will
automatically open.
Close Media Player, remove the cd and close the drive.
Alt tab until you get back to My Computer, which is still opened.
You are at the cd drive in My computer. I'm talking about the drive
letter such as d.
Press enter to open the drive. The physical drive will not open. You
will have opened it in My Computer and you can now see the files you
Select the files and delete them, just as you delete any files, then close
my computer.


Peace Be With You.

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