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No reason I am aware of.  But it is important to know in case you can’t get menus to come up.  Occasionally, I see such a question on lists because a user unintentionally caused a browser to be in full screen. 
Also, I just thought of this now.  If you are in full screen, closing and reopening the browser gets rid of it, but if you don’t know either of those things and you can’t bring menus up, you may think something is wrong with the program.
I don’t know if other programs have a full screen setting.

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Thanks, never knew this. Why would one want full screen or not using a screen reader?




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That causes a web page to take up the full screen and is not the same as maximizing the program.  It means that the page takes up all the room normally used by the rest of the program, such as tool bars, the menu bar, whatever is on the screen in addition to the web page usually.  You enter full screen in the standard way for browsers, with f11.  You leave full screen mode with f11 as well.


You will find full screen also in the menu, but that is the short cut command.


I suspect that you are asking about maximizing the entire program but since I don’t know that and for others who may be interested, I presented the above information.


Also, it is worth knowing that if you can’t get to the menus in a browser, you are likely in full screen mode.  As I said, the web page covers the entire area of the program window and the menu or menus can’t be made to come up.  In that case, press f11 to return to the standard method of display.  You can then open the menus.  As I said, f11 is the standard shortcut toggle in Windows browsers to turn full screen on or off, at least the browsers I’ve seen, Internet Explorer, firefox, and Chrome-based browsers.



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Press, Windows key + up arrow, or, hold down the, Alt key, and tap the spacebar to open the system menu, and press the letter, X.  You can also press, Alt + spacebar, and down arrow to, Maximize, and press enter, but if it says, Unavailable, this means the screen is already maximized.



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I'm not finding a way to maximize web pages in Google Chrome. Is there a short cut for this or where do I find it in the menus?






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