Re: echo question


I went into the alexa app on my phone.

I unlinked my old email address, linked the new one, but when I asked alexa to play music by such an such, it says I must have amazon music unlimited which I do have. 😕😕


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H but I’ve never heard of using a different email address for the service.




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Say Alexa play (song/singer) from amazon music. You may also need to go into settings in the alexa appp & authorize amazon music to be used. If you go to amazons website, go to your account settings you can link your accounts.






I think I have the echo second gen. Here is my question. I signed up with amazon music using a different email, so how do I get the echo to play amazon music with that account?

Do I have to sign out on the alexa appp? Before, I was using amazon music with the previous email but now since I have amazon music with a different email, what do I do?

I’m not proficient with the echo.

Thanks for any assistance.



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