welcome to the 30th episode of blind android users podcast.


hi all.'
first of all a very happy 4th july to all our US listeners.
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in this episode we demo the 2 most popular podcast clients, google
podcast and pokit cast.
we also talk about Podcast Addict. We also remind you that other
media apps can play podcasts, such as TuneIn Radio, Spotify and Amazon
we then have an interview with Pramit Bhargava, developer/ founder of
Louie voice control, they also demo the app and the just released
gmail control feature.
to learn more about the app, please read the show noats at our
website, we have given links to various social networks and youtube
then we have the next segment of Commentary screen reader in which we
explore some more features and answer listener questions,
after that, Dan Mathes tells us how he got started with android.
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have a safe 4th of july.

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