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Mike B.

Try the following to turn the Auto Fill:
1. With Chrome open press, Alt + F, to open the menues and press the letter, S, to open settings.
2. Down arrow to You and Google menu, press enter, now tab to, Sync and Google Services, and press enter.
3. Tab to,  Autocomplete searches and URLs button, and make sure this does not say, Pressed.  If it says, Pressed, bress the spacebar so you hear, toggle
button not pressed, or something similar.
Stay safe & take care.  Mike.
Just once, I want a username and password prompt to say:  "Close Enough!"

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Sup bro,

I willy need to tandem with you this week some time to get this chrome crap situated lol!

I just did your steps, and it didn’t work. Am I suppose to reboot the computer?

If we can tandem some time this week, the main issues I have are the following:

Setting a homepage and returning to it using alt home.  Some times, when I launch chrome, it takes me to my home page, some times it doesn’t.

The other thing I encounter a lot is when I’m about to enter in a user name this auto fill list pops up and it messes me up. It shows all the damn user names and passwords I have ever written for different sites. Yes, that could be helpful but a majority of my pw’s are the same, but just with slight variations. I’d just want that stupid auto fill list to not pop up no more.


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Mornin Bro,


See if these steps by Chris will getter done.

From: chris judge
Hi. It’s actually quite easy, and you can add more than one home page. Here’s how I do it.


1. Launch google chrome.


2. Press altF.


3. Arrow up to settings and press enter. You will be placed in a search field and forms mode will turn on.


4. press escape to exit forms mode


5. Press the h key until you get to the heading, on start-up.


6. Arrow down to the third radio button that says, open a specific page or set of pages.


7. press the space bar to select that radio button.


8. Tab once. You will hear, add a new page. Press enter.


9. Type the complete URL, for instance.


10. Tab to the add button and press space bar. You can add other pages as well. Then, when you launch google chrome you can control tab between the various
home pages.





Stay safe & take care.  Mike.
Just once, I want a username and password prompt to say:  "Close Enough!"

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Using google chrome, not sure about other browsers, I think it worked with IE but alt home would take me back to the home page, in this case

It’s not doing that for me in chrome, what setting needs to be configured for that?

Thank you.

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