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Hi Monte,
Thank you for this! As I was searching online, I kept seeing NVDA 2021 tester, so now I appreciate you telling me the current version to download. I've also notice when reading about NVDA, it mentions a lot about using NVDA with a desktop, but as of yet, I haven't read anything about using NVDA with a laptop. Do you know if NVDA is accessible to use on a laptop? Do you know the advantages in using a full version and NVDA portable, as I didn't know NVDA had a portible version?

Thank you.

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Hi Janet,

Here is the link to download the current version of nvda.

The current version is 2020.4.

ON the download page you are asked to makea donation.
This is voluntary.

You will find that nvda is very similar to jaws.

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Hi Everyone,
I am ready to switch from JAWS to NVDA screen reader, so my question is can
someone please tell me what is the knewest version of NVDA, so I can
download it? Can someone give me a link to download it from a safe web site?
Can someone tell me what I might need to know about downloading NVDA? Is
there a certain setting I should know about when installing NVDA? Any other
tips will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance.


Peace Be With You.

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