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Quentin Christensen

Hi Janet,

Just as with Jaws, NVDA has a desktop keyboard layout (which uses the number pad for some functions) and a laptop keyboard layout (which reassigns those functions elsewhere, bumping some other keystrokes around in the process).  Different to Jaws, the NVDA key can be set to INSERT or CAPS LOCK independently of the keyboard layout - you can use laptop keyboard layout with the INSERT key as your NVDA modifier if you like.

Re the 2021.1 beta and Release Candidate versions - yes we are a week or so away from that version coming out so have been encouraging people to test out the pre-release versions.  While you will find those downloads on their release announcements, you can always find the current stable version of NVDA on the main download page:  - so the version on that page is currently NVDA 2020.4 and will be until we release the final NVDA 2021.1.  (By default NVDA will check for updates, but you can turn that off if you prefer).

The installed version of NVDA can do a couple of things a portable version can't - such as running on the Windows logon screen and other secure screens.  And for various reasons, you can't interact with NVDA via a touch screen using the portable version either. The full list is here:

With running NVDA and Jaws on the one system - they should work fine together - with the obvious caveat not to have both of them running and speaking at once.  To start NVDA once you've installed it, press CONTROL+ALT+N, and to exit it, press NVDA+Q, then enter.

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Hi Quentin,

Thank you for this.  I am reading about coming from JAWS to NVDA screen reader, but I don’t see anything about using NVDA with a laptop, or does this even matter? Can you please tell me the advantages of using a NVDA full version and a NVDA portable version, as I am thinking I might be quite interested in the portable version if possible.  I’ve never used NVDA, but I’ve used JAWS for at least 30 years, but because of FS raising the prices as they did, I feel it is time for me to move on. 

Thank you for any advice. 




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As others have said - is the site you want.


Also, as someone coming from Jaws, there is an article with information on some of the first things which might be useful for you - where things you know from Jaws are in NVDA and so on:


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Hi Janet,

Here is the link  to download the current version of nvda.

The current version is 2020.4.

ON the download page you are asked to makea donation.
This  is voluntary.

You will find that nvda is very similar to jaws.

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Hi Everyone,
I am ready to switch from JAWS to NVDA screen reader, so my question is can
someone please tell me what is the knewest version of NVDA, so I can
download it? Can someone give me a link to download it from a safe web site?
Can someone tell me what I might need to know about downloading NVDA?  Is
there a certain setting I should know about when installing NVDA? Any other
tips will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance.


Peace Be With You.



Quentin Christensen
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Quentin Christensen
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