Re: Question about tunein radio settings and auto play.

Barb O'Connor

Thank you so much. It really helps when you look in the right place. I wondered if there were some app settings somewhere in the app guess I should’ve looked further. Got it all done now though. Thank you. I was just looking in the settings on the phone and I went into the TuneIn settings. I guess I should’ve known better though.


On Jul 6, 2021, at 2:18 PM, Vicky Collins <> wrote:

I just checked with my iPhone SE 2020, and I found the following results, meaning going to profile, then settings, then autoplay, which is the first setting to be changed and is a toggle to turn on to resume your last stream when Tune In launches. Once I go into settings and start flicking to the right, , I find the back button, then the settings heading is spoken, then there is the done button, then general is spoken, and next is the autoplay.

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From: Barb O'Connor <>
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Date: Tuesday, July 6, 2021 12:48 pm
Subject: [TechTalk] Question about tunein radio settings and auto play.

Good morning listers. I have a couple of podcasts that I like to listen to on tunein radio. The other day when I went into the app, it said that it would start playing the last stream that I have listened to but that this could be turned off in settings. I went into tunein radio settings and was unable to find any setting that would turn off this autoplay. Can somebody help me?

I'm using an iPhone SE 2020 with the latest update.

Thanks for your help and response.


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