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Hi Quentin,

No I’ve never had NVDA installed on either of my PCS, so this is the very first time.  Although, I can’t help but wonder what is this all about.  I guess I just have a curious mind!  Smile!  Is there anything you can tell me so I can check something about what might be causing an error?  I am installing NVDA on my new Windows 10 laptop, and apparently NVDA found something wrong, I would like to know what that might be. 

 I am now just wondering if I attempted to install NVDA on my Windows 7 Desktop, just being curious again!  LOL!  I can’t help it!  Smile!  Although just one more thought, how about if I attempt to download NVDA 2020, just to see if NVDA might find the same error?   

Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated! 





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Others have already given the details of the email list - several in fact, so I will try and help with the issue you are having installing.


Did you already have a copy of NVDA installed?  If so, which version?  There was an issue with several of the 2021.1 beta versions with updating - if you were using beta 3 or beta 4, you would need to download a more recent build manually, eg the current version is RC2:


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Hi Everyone,
I've attempted two times to install NVDA 2021.1 beta, but each time, I get a message saying instalation failed due to an error, please check the log viewer, and I then get a ok button. I press the ok button, and NVDA is still there because if I press the space bar NVDA says space, but that is as far as I can get with him.  Any ideas? Does anyone know of a NVDA group I can join?


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