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There appears to be something wrong, perhaps a minor corruption in Windows on your machine.  It may be something else.  What antimalware programs are you running? 
If you did try to install NVDA, even the version you are using now on your Windows 7 machine, it would probably install because the problem you are reporting is not common.
The log would likely tell someone with the technical knowledge to understand it what the problem is or what to check as a possible cause or causes of the problem. 
Keep in mind that if you play with NVDA on Windows 7, the voice you will hear as default will be completely different from what you hear in Windows 10.  NVDA in Windows 10 uses Microsoft voices already on the machine by default.  If you install NVDA in Windows 7, you will hear E-Speak as the default.  You likely won’t like it and, though there are lots of free alternatives, don’t be put off by it.  it isn’t the default in Windows 10 and you can switch to another voice in Windows 7.
The voices used in Windows 10 aren’t available in Windows 7.

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Hi Quentin,

No I’ve never had NVDA installed on either of my PCS, so this is the very first time.  Although, I can’t help but wonder what is this all about.  I guess I just have a curious mind!  Smile!  Is there anything you can tell me so I can check something about what might be causing an error?  I am installing NVDA on my new Windows 10 laptop, and apparently NVDA found something wrong, I would like to know what that might be. 

I am now just wondering if I attempted to install NVDA on my Windows 7 Desktop, just being curious again!  LOL!  I can’t help it!  Smile!  Although just one more thought, how about if I attempt to download NVDA 2020, just to see if NVDA might find the same error?  

Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated! 





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Others have already given the details of the email list - several in fact, so I will try and help with the issue you are having installing.


Did you already have a copy of NVDA installed?  If so, which version?  There was an issue with several of the 2021.1 beta versions with updating - if you were using beta 3 or beta 4, you would need to download a more recent build manually, eg the current version is RC2:


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Hi Everyone,
I've attempted two times to install NVDA 2021.1 beta, but each time, I get a message saying instalation failed due to an error, please check the log viewer, and I then get a ok button. I press the ok button, and NVDA is still there because if I press the space bar NVDA says space, but that is as far as I can get with him.  Any ideas? Does anyone know of a NVDA group I can join?


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