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That’s good.  Now that its installed, have you seen this article or similar information?  Many commands are the same or similar but there are some, such as exit NVDA, that are different from JAWS.  There is other information in this article but it lists many commands that would be helpful for new users to know.

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Hi Everyone,
I am happy to say I finally successfully got to install NVDA.  just a little while ago I did some searching online, as I was thinking I must be doing something wrong because every time I would try installing NVDA 2021.1, I kept getting an error message. So I just did some research online, and found a video from the American Foundation For The Blind explaining how to install NVDA, so I just thought I will listen to that to see if I missed any steps, or at least to get some ideas.  My problem was I didn't know I needed to press alt plus y to allow NVDA  to make any changes to my PC, so after listening to the video I tried what the video said to do, and sure enough NVDA installed successfully!  The reason I had that problem was because JAWS did not read to me what was on the screen!  All JAWS read to me was secure desktop, and that is when I needed to press alt plus y, but again I didn't know that at the time when I was trying to install NVDA.  So when I tried installing NVDA 2021 just now, again on my PC and heard the word secure desktop, I pressed the alt plus y keys, and within a minute or so, I heard NVDA say successfully installed!  LOL!

Peace Be With You.

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