Re: roller tip for aluminum cane

Monte Single

The heavy elastic runs from the top to the tip of the cane.

With a  pencil or pen at hand,  pull up on the roller tip and slip the pencil in between the roller tip and the first section of the cane,  let the  roller tip go and  the tenhsion from the roller tip wil pe placed on the pencil.  Now you can just unhook the roller tip  from the elastic loop.

Bob’s your uncle, Jack Robinson, or hot diggity!


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Hi, very vague question here.


I know that each cane maker is different, and I was told about 16 years ago that an aluminum cane I had been given as a Christmas present required a bit of assembly if I wanted a roller tip put on it.  Somethinga bout the elastic in the shaft of the cane having to be threaded through a hook at the end of the cane so the new cane tip could accept the roller type of tip.


The new aluminum cane I recived this past Christmas does not have a roller tip as I had requested and the tip is very very thin, which makes me nervous that I will only have to use the cane about 6 months before I am either looking for a new tip or anew cane all together.


I still have the roller tip portion of my old cane, but am having difficulties removing the old tip from the old cane and trying to figure out if it can be placed on the new cane.


Anyone ever had to remove or swap out a cane tip for a roll tip?





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