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Mike B.

Hi Kay,
Try the following:
1. Press, Windows key + I, to open Settings.
2. Tab 1 time to, System, now right arrow to, Devices, and press enter.
3. Tab 1 time to get into the category list and down arrow to, Touchpad, and press enter.  Here's where you'll find the settings you want.
You can press the Windows key or Windows key + Q to open a search field and type, touchpad, and press enter on Touchpad settings, but I gave you the long way to help you learn your way around a little bit.
Here's how to enable / disable the Function keys:
Below are steps on how to enable or disable the function keys.  Use step number 2 Via the Mobility Center, and I couldn't get my wife's to type numbers
when holding the FN key, but that doesn't mean it won't work on other Dell laptops, I don't know.  I checked these steps on my wife's Dell 7000 laptop
Windows 10 Home computer to make sure of their accuracy.
Change Function key behavior in Dell laptops
One thing I did not like about my Dell Inspiron 15 7537
 Windows 8.1 laptop keyboard was the behavior of the Function and Multimedia keys – that is, the top most row in the keyboard. On my earlier Dell XPS,
I was used to pressing the key to activate the Function keys like F1, F2, etc, and to press Fn key + the F1, F2 key to activate the multimedia operations
like Speaker on or off, Search, etc.
Swap or change Function key behavior in Windows laptops
I wanted to change this behavior; ie. I wanted to interchange, swap or inverse keyboard Function and Multi-media keys back to the one I was used to, and
here are two ways you can do it.
#1: Via BIOS
Restart your Windows computer and when it starts booting, press the F2 key to enter the BIOS settings.
Press the Advanced tab and double-click on Function key behavior. Change the setting from Multimedia key to Function key.
Dell XPS 12 9250 review.
Entering the BIOS and changing BIOS settings is normally not advisable – especially if you are not used to it. I therefore recommend you follow this second
#2: Via Windows Mobility Center
Change the Function key behavior using the Windows Mobility Center.
To open the Windows Mobility Center, press WinKey+X to open the WinX Menu and select Mobility Center. Alternatively, open the, Run dialogue box, Windows
key + R, type,
 and hit Enter.
Goes without saying that you can also access it via Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Windows Mobility Center > Adjust commonly used mobility settings.
Change Function key behavior
Tab to, Change Function Key behavior, current status is Function key Row button, now tab 1 time to the, Function key row combobox, from the drop-down menu,
arrow up / down to select Function key instead of Multimedia key.  Press enter on your selection and Alt + F4 to close.
In this way, you will be able to interchange, swap or inverse keyboard Function and Multi-media keys on Dell laptops.
Stay safe & take care.  Mike.
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Like I said, I am just getting the hang of Windows 10.  Can you tell me where that is?

Kay Malmquist
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Bob Proctor
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It can be turned off in it’s settings.






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Hi all,

How do you turn off the touchpad on a Dell laptop?  The thing is driving me nuts and I don't need it.  I'm new to Windows 10 so all help is appreciated.

Kay Malmquist


"Where focus goes, energy flows."
Bob Proctor


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