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Marie Nelson

Yes, it is a relief and a good feeling to get this sort of thing mastered. Thanks for the help.

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Thanks for letting us know what was going on, Great news indeed.

Good luck,

On 7/11/21, Marie Nelson <> wrote:
Oh thanks and if I had a mouse connected to this system, I would surely try

that suggestion. And yes that used to be the solution to many, many problems

and we were lost without that silly little device.
Actually with the Logitech headset, I was able to find that the system was
stuck in a Win10 update, managed to finish that and now for the time being,

I am back in business. It is one of those times when the laptop is my best

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it does sound like a sound issue, but also make sure your mouse is working.

used to be nothing happened without a mouse.

just a thought.

On 7/11/2021 8:56 AM, Marie Nelson wrote:
Okay, so I restarted the computer and invoked Narrator prior to
entering the password, tabbed to submit and so far so good. But once I
click on the submit, all goes silent once again. Perhaps there is a
sound issue rather than an input issue. There is no card, just on
board sound. I will try to use my Logitech H800 since it acts as a
separate sound card. Fingers crossed.
What would cause the sound to work before signing in and not after?

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As I stated, after putting in my password, the system will accept nothing
from my keyboard. I will try to tab to the power button before
entering the
password and see if that will work. I have tried powering it off with the
power button, waiting and re-starting but so far, no help.

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Here's a few things to try,

1. After coming out of sleep mode and putting your password in, try
starting Microsoft Narrator by holding down the Windows key and the
CTRL keys and then tapping the Enter key.

2. After waking up the PC from sleep mode by touching a key, Try
tapping the TAB key to reach the Power button option and then try to
shutdown the PC. After manually restarting the PC does it come back
to the desktop normally?


On 7/11/21, Marie Nelson <> wrote:
Okay this is a strange issue for me. My desktop will not accept input
any source I have been able to try. I have tried both wired and wireless
keyboards and even the touch screen on the monitor. I have speech,
when waking from sleep, I hear the sign in info. And here is one of the
strange issues. When the desktop is in sleep mode, I can press a key
on the
keyboard and it will wake the system and allow me to type in my
Then no matter what key is pressed, there is no response? I have
tried every
USB port on the machine with the same result. I can use Seeing AI on the
iPhone to see that the desktop is displayed on the monitor. Therefore,
either the keyboard or the speakers are just not functioning once
signed in.
I am so stumped I don’t know where to start. I don’t have a BT keyboard
paired to the system so I can’t try that approach either.
Does anyone have any ideas for me?

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