Re: Digital Accessibility And Why It Actually Matters

Marco Curralejo

Hello everyone,


Welcome to episode 89 of the Blind Tech Guys. We trust you will enjoy this episode. As always, we thank you for your support and for being a part of the community.


We continue our series on accessibility by inviting a number of digital accessibility experts to the stage and discussing a variety of topics in the accessibility sphere, including websites, accessibility training, and numerous other topics that came up throughout the hour.


A third instalment on this topic will take place over the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for this to hit your favourite podcast app and thanks so much to all of you for the extremely positive feedback that we have been receiving so far and for the encouragement to truly explore what is, without doubt, a discussion that is so especially important to all of us.


We sincerely thank Rabeea Wajeeha, Catarina Rivera, Marco Salsiccia, Taylor Arndt, and Ted McCoskey for giving up so much of your valuable time and for such a frank and insightful discussion on digital accessibility and a massive thank you to Hamish McKenzie for assisting on the day to ensure that things ran smoothly on ClubHouse.


You can check this episode out by popping on over to the Blind Tech Guys website, where you can easily subscribe and listen in your favourite podcast player, or you can simply ask your smart speaker to “play the latest episode of the Blind Tech Guys podcast”.


Warm regards,


Marco Curralejo


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